Coach and Parent Uses

Coach’s Pitch From One Knee

  • The Pitch Pad works perfect for eye level pitching from one knee to younger players, typically 4-9 years of age. This fosters good swing technique.  Click here to read an article on how coach’s pitch facilitates better swing mechanics in young players.

  • The Pitch Pad allows coaches and parents to throw in comfort with a natural motion, rather than from a seated position (like on a bucket).

  • The Pitch Pad prevents coaches and parents from ruining their pants or scuffing up their knees (Try kneeling on grass or dirt without protection and you will know what we are talking about).

Pitch and Catch

  • The Pitch Pad makes catching your pitcher easier on the knees.  This can be done with a one knee catcher's stance or by placing one Pitch Pad under each knee.  Coach's spend hours catching their youth players and this is a way to do it in comfort.  Hint: Have a bucket of baseballs for errant pitches and/or use a net behind you to prevent having to keep getting up and down.

Soft Toss

  • For soft toss, the batter stands facing a hitting net from a short distance.  The coach kneels on The Pitch Pad off to the side and lobs the ball into the hitter's swing plane.  It is one of the best baseball coaching drills for getting a hitter to break a bad habit or to develop a good habit through repetition.   

Player Uses

One Knee Throwing Drills

The Pitch Pad allows players to focus on improving their throwing mechanics.
Below are some articles on how various one knee drills are utilized.

One Knee Drill Throwing Series
One Knee Tee Drill
One Knee Drill For Arm Action

Other Uses

● Fitness, Gardening, Shop work
● Frisbee
● Need more flexibility, just buy two!